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Cavite Homes Is Your Online Resource for House and Lot For Sale / Real Estate Properties in Cavite area. aim to provide you all the information you need in acquiring your dream home. Our list of real estate developers and model houses are top of the class and affordable.
The goal of is to be your online resource in helping potential, qualified, first-time home buyers such as yourself to stop wasting hard earned money on monthly rent payments and start building up equity in your own property and boosting your net worth by becoming homeowners.
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Why Choose Cavite Homes

Cavite Homes has been serving since 2008 and has helped over 600 Families realise their Dream of becoming Homeowners. Our proven track record ensures you peace of mind for your hard-earned money.

Cavite Homes is being updated monthly to give You, our dearest homebuyers complete up to date information to help you in your buying decisions.

Not all sellers are created equal. Look for Sellers that have years of proven track record.

Cavite Homes is a team of highly-experienced real estate practitioners. When you purchase a home, you're being Service not just by an individual, but a Team.

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Home Buying Process in 3 Easy Steps

Buying a Home through Cavite Homes is EASY by following 3 simple steps.


(1) Reservation

Reservation Fee also makes part of the down payment. It's good for 30 to 45 days.

(2) Submit Docs

Buyer just need to submit documents. Developer will be the one to process loan.

(3) House Turn-over

Upon House Turn-over. Buyer can already start making improvements in their new home.

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In the Philippines, never before has home ownership been an option for so many people. Average Filipinos can now realize their dreams of becoming homeowners. If you discover that you’re one of these people, in the next few months, you too could find yourself living comfortably in a new home.